I post/reblog mostly nature images, with credit where possible; I love the textures and colors of this world, I want to discover and appreciate as much of it as I can!
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Horseshoe Lake Reflection - Adam GibbsJasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

pileated woodpecker nestlings
(photo by danny brown)

لم أوقفْ حصاني ، إلا لأقطف وردةً حمراءَ من بُسْتَان كَنْعَانَيَّة أَغْوَتْ حصاني ، وتحصَّنَتْ في الضوء:(لا تدخُلْ ولا تخرجْ). درويش

- فلسطينيات بالثوب  التقليدي الفلسطيني 
Thurston County, Washington, USA.

Meanie Moth by dyozi on Flickr.
Salicornia virginica :: Glasswort